OSIS all aluminum product facsimile floor stand Product facsimile floor stand. Construction of precision welded aluminum achieves strength with light weight and fidelity to the brushed metal product. Wall fixture with frost textured injection molded shelves on steel supports. The header has rear LED's for a halo effect and an embedded, proximity activated, video display. Brand identification and information sign can be used as a fixture, or section header. Surfaced in a brushed metal finish, LED's on the back create a light halo. The video display can be adjusted many ways, including person detection start up. Stila counter module Fabricated acrylic with easy change graphic. Clear acrylic product holder inserts are customized laser cut for each module layout. Stila Cosmetics Counter Module Modules can be aligned as desired, displaying all or a part of the product line. Any module can be quickly updated with new inserts to match new products. Stila InStore Display Wall Alterna Marble Glorifier with updateable graphic Acrylic counter display with update-able graphic. Alterna Marble Product Glorifier group Product highlighters in realistic white marble texture. Acrylic modules align side by side & stack. KMS acrylic Highlighter Black acrylic highlighter. Added heavy clear acrylic front has the logo printed on the inside, giving a 3D embedded look. Highlighter can be dual units for placing convenience. KMS Acrylic Highlighter Acrylic and Mirror glorifier DONA Tower display JO & DONA Towers Clear acrylic shelves are LED edge lit. Fixture can be two sided or one sided, as needed. JO Tower Display close up Sebastian Rotating Floor Stand Anodized metal and veneered MDF structure holds injection molded shelves. Sebastian Salon Fixture Slim fixture rotates for easy placement and product access. Vacuum formed plastic shelf structure on clad and painted MDF fixture. Maybelline Easy Set uo Banners Full color fabric banners ship small - then go big with a quick, easy set up. Motorola Trade Show Exhibit Acrylic, laminated MDF, metal, lights and illuminated graphics. Motorola Trade Show Center Polished stainless steel with a spray on, oven cured tint, glue in graphic, and a fabricated acrylic panel. DKNY-Men Cologne Tester Concept floor fixture has video display frame header SHISEIDO renu:Optimiste Fixture Video Presenter Displays still image slide show or full video - with or without sound. Video Feature Frame Full remote control. Can be set to continuous loop. Easily update-able for fresh content. Modular powder coated steel frame Injection molded acrylic shelves enhanced with a frosted interior and a gloss outer finish. Face of the display is real brushed stainless steel Display is lightweight and breaks down for easy shipping renu niche display Top shelf modifies to become a counter / niche display. Product platform is fabricated from clear gloss acrylic. Compact product highlighter designed for high traffic locations.

Steel fixture with clear gloss acrylic shelves can be one or two sided.

Graphic panels easily updated.
SHISEIDO "Stop Shopper"
Anodized gold metal base in a clear acrylic housing. Michael Kors Cologne Highlighter Wella Product Highlighter Acrylic, unit adheres to any smooth surface WOODY'S Powder coated metal structure & shelves are enhanced by a solid wood logo surfboard. Mens Grooming Floorstand KMS Floorstand Custom injection molded brackets & steel tubes support 95 lbs. on each clear acrylic shelf Illuminated Sign Brushed steel frame with rear lit, easy to update graphic. TRUCCO Illuminated Sign Joico Design Highlighter Matte black acrylic glorifier fits counter or shelf. SHISEIDO Joico-Design Joico Luxe Floor Display Powder coated steel frame divides for UPS / FedEx shipping and easy retailer assembly.

Clear gloss acrylic shelves on hidden steel supports.

Video display (on the top shelf) can be located anywhere.