Displays, P.O.P. & Trade Show Exhibits

See some ways P’zazzz helped introduce, support, and promote products and identities in the marketplace.

Make sure you're seen

woodies-displayP’zazzz puts your products and brand out front with custom displays and signage. We use plastic injection molding and vacuum forming, acrylic fabrication, metal, wood, veneers, paint, labels, lighting and more, in any combination. Created by our design team or from your concepts, we manufacture, quality assure, and ship worldwide and on time.

Bags & Clothing

Personalized quality items that get attention!

Things people are happy to show off!

 Attractive, long lasting, widely seen and remembered promotions for all occasions. Completely customizable — from the design itself, to any details — materials, colors, printing, embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, zippers and pulls, metal work – snaps, buckles, rivets, grommets, tabs and more.

Packaging & Promotion

Wrap it up to make it stand out.

Great things come in great packages!

DonnaKaren-Gold-CologneFlipClip200x300New product or special promotion, P’zazzz creates the perfect package. Containers of many materials including paper, plastic, board, wood, and more, can be made in any combinations. Finishes include paint, special papers, foils, veneers, velvet, labels etc. and printing and decorating by stamping, screening, embossing, engraving, and die-cut. Among closures choices are ribbons, bands, Velcro, snaps, magnets, zippers, clasps, toggles, ties, and for security, anti-tampering stickers.

Salon Styling Mannequins

With great training comes great styling.

Getting your game head on.

RedHeadProfileHuman size and aspect training mannequins with optimum human hair for all styling techniques. Stylists can practice using any, existing to bleeding edge, styling techniques and tools, coloring, cutting, and perming, with hair that will respond perfectly. Mannequins have a wide array of base customization including custom packaging.