“On the many projects we have collaborated on; Russell’s performance has always been at the highest standard of professionalism. His quality control processes are beyond reproach. P’zazzz Industries has become a P&G Preferred Vendor as a result of their attention to cost effectiveness, quality control and adherence to delivery schedules.”
Ayde Carranza, Purchasing Director P & G, Professional Exclusive Lines
“Russ is diligent and caring in his service of the Giorgio account. His follow up and delivery to Giorgio is of the highest order.”
Michael Gould, President and CEO, Giorgio, Beverly Hills
“When P’zazzz says it will be here on time, it will be here on time….Russell listens to every detail and follows up with every detail.”
Candy Gebhardt , Director of Marketing Joico/ISO, Zotos International
“I have worked on several projects with P’zazzz Industries over the last 10 years and have always found them to be professional and extremely price competitive, while providing highly detailed and high quality products.”
Guido Kirchhoff , President, Global Supply, Goldwell, KMS
“…What a great pleasure it was to develop the many signature items that contributed to the success of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fred Hayman of Beverly Hills…”
Fred Hayman President, CEO Fred Hayman of Beverly Hills, President, CEO Fred Hayman of Beverly Hills